Summer job scramble?

April 17, 2014

lifeguardOne of our favourite Canadian sites is Workopolis.  You probably know it for job postings but it’s also a great place to find short & sweet articles on what’s trending in the job search business.   In February they posted this:  Why you should be lining up your 2014 summer job now … before it’s too late.

Maybe some of you did start early and found that dream job on the beach!   If adding job search to your workload in February was just TOO MUCH, don’t despair … the Library has put together a little cheat sheet for you.   Check out our Summer jobs page.     You’ll find some great advice articles and links to our favourite summer job posting sites.

This page is part of our popular Careers & job search subject guide.   While you’re there, don’t forget to peruse the other great resources we’ve pulled together to help with resumes, cover letters and interviews.   All designed to help you land that dream summer job!   Let us know how you make out.  We’re rooting for you!

Congratulations ePortfolio winners

April 15, 2014

Congratulations to the winners of the ePortfolios – Express, Progress, Impress & Win Contest! There were over 100 entries. It was a difficult decision to choose the winners in each division. The lucky winners can pick up their prizes as stated in the email they received. Didn’t win? Set up a polish your ePortfolio session with Peggy French, Thank you to everyone who submitted an entry.

Overall Winners

First Place Overall: Marin Hudson, Human Services, Justice & Wellness, Year 1 Category
Second Place Overall: Emma Judd, Engineering Technology, Year 2+ Category
Third Place Overall: Michelle Gordon, Health Sciences Year 1 Category

Business – Year 1

First place: Ajaypal Sahota
Second Place: no winner

Business – Year 2+

First place: Shannon Pickering
Second place (tie): Angela Hu
Second place (tie): Reny Malley
Honourable Mentions: Magda Lopez, Rachel Boehm, Jenna Chadwick, and Nzungani-Souza Miley

Media – Year 1

No winners

Media – Year 2+

First place: Kalleigh Snow
Second place: no winner

 Human Services and Justice & Wellness – Year 1

First place: Marin Hudson
Second place: Josefine Leventhal-Noble

Human Services and Justice & Wellness – Year 2+

First place: Suzanne Harvey
Second place: Stephanie Draper
Honourable Mention: Nuta Raluca

Health Sciences – Year 1

First place: Michelle Gordon
Second place (tie): Emilie Kar-Yan Lau
Second place (tie): Laura Hladki
Second place (tie): Katelyn Smith
Honourable Mention: Brenda Forde-Bellam

Health Sciences – Year 2+

First place: Davinder Dhawan
Second place: no winner

 Humanities and Social Sciences and Academic Upgrading – Year 1

First place: Katia Perez-Mendez
Second place: Ian Calvert

Humanities and Social Sciences – Year 2

No winners

Skilled Trades – Year 1

First place: Umang Detroja
Second place: Joshua Methner

Skilled Trades – Year 2+

First place: Colin Haymna
Second place: Michael Austin

Engineering Technology – Year 1

First place: Jaclyn Alexander
Second place: no winner

Engineering Technology – Year 2+

First place: Emma Judd
Second place: Olivia Mcghee-Davies
Honourable Mention: Jonathan Medina

It’s Library poll time!

April 11, 2014

Tell us what you think!

With exams just around the corner, we want to know which library space you prefer to study in.

Mohawk supports education through play

April 9, 2014

Lego, those colourful building blocks, have been connecting with children’s imaginations since 1932.  If you had Lego to play with the possibilities were endless!


The Advertising program is holding a fundraiser looking for new Lego, as well as cash donations (0.25¢ buys one brick) to support an interactive play centre at The Hamilton Toy Museum.  Donations will be accepted in the McKeil School of Business, located in the M-wing, at the Fennell campus.  The museum offers hands-on activities and art projects to visitors; it is the only place in Ontario that has historic toys and games, and the Canadian Toy Hall of Fame.



The subject guide, Play, supports games and childhood education; the guide includes books, e-books, online videos, and websites.  You can find the book Child’s play: Rediscovering the joy of play in our families and our communities at the Mohawk College Library.  It promotes simple ideas that help build safe, supportive communities and healthy schools.



Mohawk College Health Wellness & Fitness Expo

April 8, 2014


What do the following topics have in common?

1. Nutrition & Diet
2. Lifestyle
3. Stress Management
4. Sleep
5. Exercise
6. Disease Prevention and Cures
7. Mental and Emotional Well-Being
8. Happiness



Each plays an important role in your overall well-being and, together they comprise the topics essential for maintaining your Health, Wellness and Fitness.

While information about these topics can be found on Health, Wellness & Fitness, and Self Help subject guides, even more information on a variety of different subjects will be featured at the Health, Wellness & Fitness Expo.  Sponsored by McMaster Innovation Park and Mohawk College, the work of eighteen students in their fourth semester of the Health, Wellness & Fitness program will be featured at this family friendly expo being held on  April 11th @ 2 P.M.

Register here for your free tickets.

“Paws” & de-stress at the library

April 4, 2014

There’s nothing quite like a happy canine to put a smile on your face and make your worries disappear!  Ever vigilant for ways to help Mohawk students, the Library has organized just such an opportunity to take a break from studying and get some slobbery smooches to boot!

Next week, take some time out of your busy schedule to “paws” and de-stress by cuddling a therapy dog from St. John’s Ambulance.  These trained dogs will be visiting each campus library from 11 a.m. to noon on the following dates: Fennell –  Monday, April 7th;  Stoney Creek – Wednesday, April 9th; and I.A.H.S. – Friday, April 11th.   Looking forward to some great Instagram posts!



From Google to Scholarly Articles

March 27, 2014

aa_addiction_stockxpertcom_id38751101_jpg_ Many students like to search Google, and indeed, it is ok to start there, even if you’re expected to cite scholarly sources. Say you’re investigating whether or not Alcoholics Anonymous is a successful treatment program. A typical student’s Google search might be: “Does Alcoholics Anonymous work?” When we try that search, the first hit is a Scientific American article, “Does Alcoholics Anonymous Work?”  Scientific American is a credible source but it isn’t considered scholarly so you can’t cite it in your paper, but it can still help. Reading the Scientific American article you learn that AA is a form of “facilitation therapy”. You also pick up the word efficacy (similar in meaning to effectiveness). Now you have some good keywords to use, try a library database. A good one to choose, and one that appears on many of the Human Services subject guides is Proquest Nursing and Allied Health. Search “facilitation therapy” and efficacy and find articles like this: Integrated cognitive behavioral therapy versus twelve-step facilitation therapy for substance-dependent adults with depressive disorders, in the Journal of Psychoactive Drugs. The results list also has some articles about Project Match, a research study mentioned in the article.  This is just one way to tackle the scholarly resources problem, ask at the library for more help if you need it.


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